How To Prepare for Divorce Mediation: Documents to Gather

July 14, 2017

  1.     Expense Worksheet – Breakdown the monthly expenses for each spouse in the following ways a) current monthly expenses b) monthly expenses post-divorce. Make sure you include all your monthly expenses. For example, add car payments, utilities, cell phone bills, gas, car insurance, etc. (Central Mediation clients receive these worksheets at their first session).



2.    Proof of Income- You and your spouse will each need to provide 3 recent paystubs OR last tax returns, W-2’s, and/or 1099’s for review. To calculate child support accurately, both parties must show proof of their current income.



3.    Mortgage Statement- Recent statements showing payoff balances for your first mortgage, home equity loan, and/or line of credit.


   4. Credit Cards- Statements for any credit card debt either or both of you have.



5.    Automobile Loans and Leases- Copy of lease (if applicable)

          **We use Kelly Bluebook web site to determine the current market value of the      vehicles.


   6. Personal Loans- Information on personal loans you owe or others owe to you and/or your spouse.


    7. Student Loans- Determine the balances of student loans for you, your spouse or college age children.


   8. Life Insurance/Health Insurance-Information including the name of the company, policy number, death benefits, cash surrender value if not a term policy. Health insurance policy information including cost of monthly payments for coverage.




    9. Business Information- If you or your spouse own a business, begin to gather business income information. Each party will have to disclose the value of the business he or she owns. Both spouses will have to agree on the value in order to proceed with determining what will be done with the business post-divorce.


10. Retirement/Pensions  – Gather statements for all retirement accounts including 401k’s, IRA’s, 403b’s, Keogh’s, cash balance or deferred benefit pensions. If there were contributions made prior to the marriage it will be helpful to find the values of the plans for the date of the marriage.


11. Bank Account Statements-Gather bank statements for all joint and individual accounts.





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