Broken Hearts Don't Need To Go Broke (Save money with mediation)

March 29, 2019



You and your spouse have decided to proceed with a divorce and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to have it done. Now what? You have options at Central Mediation for an inexpensive and stress-free divorce through mediation.


Divorce is a difficult transition and may leave you with a broken heart. There is no need to be left financially broke as well!  Most people do not realize that the expensive fees associated with traditional litigation are not necessary. 


The truth is, many family law attorneys do not want you to have a quick or cheap divorce. Their earnings are generated from the hours spent on your divorce. The quicker your divorce, the less money they earn. The more you and your spouse go back and forth, conflicted on an issue, the more you will pay in divorce fees.


Central Mediation is upfront about your total cost. There are no hidden fees and the price is the same for all clients, publicly listed on the FAQ/COST page on our website. Our sessions are productive, and the process is not drawn out. Most couples complete the process in as few as three-five sessions.


As a licensed social worker/divorce mediator, with an extensive background in the helping profession, I genuinely enjoying helping others. The mediation services I provide at my practice, help clients have a divorce experience that is as stress- free and affordable as possible. I have combined the approach of social work methods with family mediation in my practice. My motivation to help clients is not solely based on profits earned. The main focus is a “healthy divorce” that considers the family system, and most importantly the children involved.


Deciding to get a divorce is stressful enough! You don’t need to engage in a high conflict and stressful divorce process. I understand from direct observation, how a divorce can impact individuals and the entire family system.  A “nasty” divorce can have detrimental effects on children and co-parenting relationships.


Divorce can be an amicable and controlled process through mediation. Studies have shown that divorce by mediation can help improve post-divorce relationships.


Central Mediation would be happy to assist you and your family during this difficult time. Please feel free to contact me directly

with any questions you may have.


Jessica Brady, LSW



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